Save time

No Scheduling Required

Employers create job descriptions and record video questions; job seekers respond in video online

Expand network

Extend Your Reach

Employers setup positions, reach hundreds of top candidates.
Colleges effortlessly provide more options to job seekers as the network expands.

Connect with students

Make More Connections

Colleges counsel job seekers to a wide diversity of career options. Small, medium, and large employers unable to be on campus now have a presence.

Give employers opportunities to review candidates in different networks

For Job Seekers

  • Increase your interviewing skills with free practice interviewing
  • Make a lasting impression. You are more than your resume!
    StandOut® and show what you have to offer
  • Apply to jobs and internships on your own time, removing the hassle of scheduling
  • StandOut® from the rest! Interview right up front when you 'hand in' your resume

If you're a student or alumni, tell your Career Service office that you want to StandOut® to employers!

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Give students job opportunities and be seen easily

For College Career Centers

  • Evens the playing field for all employers seeking to hire your job seekers
  • Provides more access to employer interviews for your job seekers without scheduling
  • Provides free video interview practice for your job seekers
  • Includes on-demand video advising at no charge
  • Zero cost

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Give employers opportunities to review candidates in different networks

For Employers

  • Evens the playing field so that your employer has equal access to quality graduates from top institutions
  • Eliminates the scheduling requirement for interviews. Removes phone and first round interviews
  • Grows your recruiting reach automatically at zero cost as the network expands
  • Provides an intuitive and collaborative web interface that makes it easy for your organization to get started and participate

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